Happy Birthday Daddy from Heaven, This Love is Magic

Today is Bill's first birthday since Natasha passed away on August 4, 2016. We are told; the year of first's are the hardest. Today Natasha would have been first up with hugs and birthday cuddles. But instead she is singing her song "this Love is Magic from Heaven - for you Bill.

Most often a little girl's first love is with her Daddy. Our Father in heaven's love for us is magical. God's design is for us to have a taste of that healthy kind of love from our earthly father. Bill God blessed you richly when he picked you to be Natasha's earthly father. Relish in that joy today, keep her close to her heart.  Today in honour of your birthday we publish her song for you with subtitles to savour each word. Happy Birthday Bill we Love you. Love Saskia, Liam, (Ryder & Mia) and Natasha from Heaven. 

God Bless you Bill!