One year later

A year ago, we travelled home from Washington, DC.

Still feeling the eNeRGy from our time there, Natasha made an inflight announcement, using the opportunity to spread her message.

We arrived home to emails and voicemails from media outlets including CBC, ABC, NBC and Associated Press.  We were beginning to realise the stir that had been created around the Secret Service incident.

One of the media appearances Natasha made over the next couple days was on the Al Jazeera program, The Stream.  It was a last minute request for Natasha to participate on a scheduled discussion panel regarding childhood cancer.

It was one of the best media opportunities for Natasha, providing a more in-depth and thoughtful discussion about childhood cancer than most of her other appearances.  Plus, the program’s international reach brought a global perspective to the issue.

As we look to lighting our candles tonight at sunset, please put 30 minutes aside to watch this episode of The Stream.  Then reflect and pray for all children, all over the world, who are affected by cancer.