Stay Happy Movie Night: From Bill and Saskia

The Stay Happy Movie Night at Natasha’s and Liam’s school was a huge success.  We had a great time.  We are grateful to all the people that worked so hard to make it happen.  When thanking people, it’s hard to know where to start and where to stop.

School Staff and students came up with theme idea and many teachers and students and parents volunteered for various duties.  Some parents and students who couldn’t attend came the next morning to clean up.  Although we can’t thank them all by name, we want to recognise Sashi Shergill, Darrell Lonsberry, Jaime Groeller, Deirdre Bailey, Gail Stevenson, Jody Pereversoff and Heather Fawcett.  Other school staff that helped included Kevin Sonico, Ivey Waite, Rick Fawcett and Linda Burlet.  Also to mention are the parent volunteers and the grade 9 student volunteers.  Thank you!

A core group of Saskia’ s friends have been organizing key support functions for our family.  They played a huge role in the Movie Night as well.  Thanks so very much to Lesley King, our campaign manager, Catherine McLean, Sue Gatenby, Sally Grotsky, Alison Bush.  A huge thank you also goes to Denise, Victoria and Yvonne! We were amazed to see the number and variety of silent auction items.  Thank you to each of the item donors, and to the bidders.

The live auction was very entertaining.  The auctioneer was highly skilled at driving up the bids – all with a laugh.  His skill is much appreciated.  And again thank you to the bidders!

The 6 food trucks were a valued part of the evening.  What’s a party without great food?!  Thank you to each of the vendors for being there, and contributing back to the cause!

Thanks to the band, ‘Alright Gents’ who provided some excellent music, helping create a fun atmosphere.

The evening culminated, of course, in a movie.  Big Heroes 6 was enjoyed by an audience huddled in parkas and under blankets.  Thankfully the evening turned out to be clear and dry, however it was also breezy and chilly!  Thanks to Fresh Air Cinema for showing the movie.

We also send our feelings of appreciation to all the neighbours of the school for tolerating the festivities so late into the evening.  And we were thrilled to see that some of those neighbors attended the event!

We are so happy with how it all worked out.  It was overwhelming to see all the people that came out to enjoy the evening and support Natasha.  Natasha had a carefree and fun filled time just being with her friends.

We are approaching the homestretch with Natasha’s radiation therapy (8 more sessions!) We have received many blessings so far on this journey.  The Stay Happy Movie Night was a big one.