TheTruth365 Invites Natasha to Speak at


Natasha..An International Voice for All Children Fighting Cancer...We predict that 11-year-old Canadian Natasha Rose Gould will change the world for the better. Just 6 short weeks ago Natasha was diagnosed with DIPG, an aggressive and inoperable brain tumor. From the very beginning she decided that she wanted to share her thoughts and feelings with the public. She wrote, "I will be taking everyone with me through this journey." 

One of our followers shared her first blog post with us and we were blown away. On her own she was giving a voice to all children with cancer in a very clear, concise and effective manner. We have never encountered a person like Natasha or a situation where a child spoke out from the very beginning. We have worked with several exceptional children but all of them became advocates further into their battles. 

We are very happy to announce that we will be working closely with Natasha and her family through The Truth 365. I (Mike) will be flying to Calgary, Canada in two weeks to spend a few days interviewing Natasha for our upcoming documentary and short films.

We have also invited her to speak at CureFest on September 20 on the National Mall. This will help her reach a very wide audience which is one of her major goals. 

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Here are a few excerpts from her blog posts: These two comments show her wisdom and compassion. 

"Trust me as bad as being a kid with cancer sounds, being a parent who's kid has cancer is 10 times worse. It breaks my heart knowing that they have to watch me go through this."

"This whole incident hit my family like a rock to the head, but the next day was even harder...My friends that i have known the longest were the most difficult to tell, I had to be soft on them but still get the point across...After me and my friends finally accepted it, we went on our day like normal, like nothing was wrong. We laughed, we smiled and we lived on."

Some statements are brutally honest with a touch of humor. This is comment about the smell of her radiation treatment. 

"It smelt horrible. if you close your eyes and try and imagine 10 moldy decrepit dead pigs, that have sat in the moist heat of California for a week, you have got my smell."

Some show the innocent advice of an 11-year-old child with a new pet.

"As cute as a kitten may sound or look, trust me only get involved if you have time. Cleaning up poop and other gross stuff is a big part of the job so don't go into mothering a kitten if you are grossed out easily." 

Again, please leave a note here or visit her Facebook page.