Ask Me Anything July 1 Live Chat

The Truth 365 is currently in Calgary, Canada with 11-year-old cancer fighter Natasha Gould and her family. As you may know Natasha was diagnosed with DIPG on May 1 of this year and she immediately started sharing her story through a very honest and powerful blog.

We are here in Canada to interview Natasha for one of our upcoming documentaries and thought it would be fun for her to do a live Facebook chat tomorrow night (July 1) at 8 PM ET/6 PM MT. The chat will go for about 30 to 45 minutes. 

We will have her login as an admin of The Truth 365 Facebook page and you can ask her any question. The questions don't all have to be about cancer. They can be about anything. July 1 is Canada Day so you can ask her about her home country if you want to.

The goal is for Natasha to have fun and to connect with many of our amazing friends and supporters. She doesn't quite understand yet that she has the ability to be a voice for all children fighting cancer because she is a great (and willing) communicator.

Please check back tomorrow night and comment on the post that Natasha makes at 8 PM ET/6 PM MT. She will then reply to your comment. 

Thank you!!!