Lend a helping hand...

A warm hello to all of you who have been supporting Natasha and her family over the past year.  Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated!

As Natasha and her family hold on to faith and hope, they also deal with the daily reality that DIPG has brought upon them.  Many who follow Natasha on social media want to know how she is doing lately.  If you didn't see it, Natasha added a short entry to her blog.  Her symptoms have progressed since the recording of her TEDx talk a month ago. And by the way, her TEDx Talk can now be viewed, go to her Facebook page to see it! 

To give you an idea of her current condition:

  • Natasha is not supporting her own weight.  She needs to be transferred from bed to wheel chair to sofa, etc.
  • She is fatigued throughout the day
  • Her once powerful voice has weakened.  She must stop to catch her breath before she can speak a full sentence.
  • Her emotions are in flux.  She expresses hope and joy, as well as fear and sadness.  In a moment of frustration recently, she exclaimed "I'm trapped in my body!"
  • With a focus on faith, the family have had lots of conversations about hope, living - and heaven.

The Oncology clinic at Alberta Children's Hospital has been very supportive, and has arranged for Natasha to have access to nurses, doctors and other services in-home.

Natasha has brought together an amazing community of care and love. Friends and family living close to Natasha are banding together to help with meals, dog walks, yard work, visiting, etc.

Anyone wanting to help out while Bill, Saskia and Liam concentrate their focus on Natasha, please consider the following options:

Above and beyond all, please continue to pray for the miracle that will rock this world!!