Please pray these blessing for Natasha's Spirit


I call your beautiful Christ-given spirit to attention in the name of Jesus and I ask that your soul steps aside for you to receive this blessing. Natasha, I bless you with stepping into all that God created you to be. I bless with courage to face the days ahead with boldness and determination. Not to give it to the lies of the enemy that you are defeated. Spirit, I ask that you partner with Holy Spirit to search Natasha's body and to bring every cell into alignment with how Jesus created you. Spirit, I ask that you trigger Natasha's immune system with its design to target and destroy any damaging or cancerous cell. Spirit, I also ask that you partner with Holy Spirit to repair any neurological pathways in the brain that have been affected by this tumour. May Natasha's left arm and left side be strengthened and unhindered. I ask Spirit that you turn to the father and feel his incredible love for you during this incredibly difficult trial that you are facing. Natasha, I bless you with the ability to laugh and experience the joy of the Lord over you each day. May this illness not steal your joy. I also, bless you with a deep peace knowing that your life is in the loving hands of Jesus. He will carry you through this. Remember to ask for His help. He will never leave you or forsake you. Lastly, I bless you with feeling how loved you are by those around you. Natasha, you are cherished!

In the Name of the Victorious King, Jesus!

Thanks Jenna!