A Bethel Healing Room Moves To Calgary

If you ever want to experience the anointing of a group of people dedicated to the supernatural healing power of God, you need to visit Bethel church in Redding, California. Or, you can come to Natasha's house in Calgary, Alberta as we have started room our own humble healing room. (message me if you want to pray or need to be prayed for)

Assuming you read our previous news update titled “Blessing that come with Faith”, you will understand the signs we received that led us to Bethel Church.

We arrived Friday afternoon and attended the Friday night service. Natasha sat right up front while the rest out our group sat further back. The worship time at Bethel is very moving and you can't help but feel the presence of God. After worship our whole group came up for the alter call. It was amazing!

Saturday bright and early we arrived at the church to attend the Healing Room. We were given an orientation to the process and Natasha volunteered to share why she was needing healing prayer. We  spent a bit of time in the main church room which was transformed into informal circular, labyrinth like seating.  Artists were painting in the middle of the room, a worship team was singing and playing instruments on stage, artistic dancers flowed on the floor up front below the stage and there was a communion area set up for those interested. It really was a time for us to experience the presense of God before our group was invited in a smaller room where volunteers offered to pray for us.

While Natasha was being prayed for, a volunteer approached me and explained that God had told him to come over to us to tell Natasha and her Mom that, "Today is Natasha's day, God is going to heal her." I, of course, was dumbstruck and eager to have those words sink into my heart. Then I looked at him (Rick Larson) and said, “You’re the one whose testimony I saw on YouTube when I was researching Bethel Church. Your testimony renewed my Faith.” I was even more dumbstruck. He smiled and laughed and said that today was not supposed to be his turn to volunteer in the healing room, but in morning he had felt a nudge to come. He was so excited, as was I.  Here is a link to his testimony of healing https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b1U22fQLMEs It did not take long for a request to have the whole room of about 30 to 50 people to reach out toward Natasha to pray for her healing. It was amazing. She felt heat go through her head and after she could walk better.

There were many other ways our group was impacted and prayed for. It was a life changing experience for us all.

I believe God's promise to me: "Today is Natasha's day, God is going to heal her". I hold this dear to my heart. I know God's timing is not my timing. I know he is a good good Father. 

Please continue to pray with us for God to restore and fully heal Natasha. 

On Monday April 4th Natasha is scheduled to have a follow up MRI. 

Praise God! Peace, Shalom!

Saskia, Natasha's Mom