Blessings that come with Faith


In April 2015 Natasha first noticed weakness on her left side and began experiencing double vision. On May 01, 2015 she was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). DIPG is a rare, aggressive and inoperable tumour in the brainstem that occurs almost exclusively in children. The tumour is interwoven, interlaced, knitted within the brainstem’s normal tissue.

In June 2015 Natasha underwent 31 radiation treatments. In august 2015 the MRI suggested the tumour had shrunk by 15%. In November 2015 the MRI suggested the tumour was stable. At Christmas 2015 we noticed Natasha's symptoms got worse and Natasha asked the oncologist for another MRI. In January of 2016 the MRI suggested the tumour was in transition and expected to grow. Natasha accepted the offer to undergo a second round of 17 radiation treatments ending March 1.

Soon after Natasha’s initial diagnosis, she became an advocate for kids fighting cancer. Please go to the menu icon on this page and check out her blogs, our news updates, her YouTube channel and Facebook page.

This past fall, Natasha asked to get baptized. Water baptism identifies a person as a disciple of Christ and celebrates the passage from an old life into a new life in Christ. Simply stated, it is an outward sign of an inward change. Natasha has a strong faith, recently telling her mom "I have so much faith in God that my first daughter is going to be named Faith”. 


God has given us three unrelated coincidences that have drawn our attention to anointed healing miracles occurring at Bethel church in Redding California.

The first came through Kris, the mother of Liam’s friend, Max. On Monday February 1, Natasha and Saskia joined Liam and a group of his friends for dinner at a pizza restaurant.  Max’s mom Kris was there and introduced Saskia to Becca, mom of Liam’s friend Preston. Becca was the first to tell Saskia about Bethel church and sent her a video link of one of their healing services.

The following day, out of the blue, Saskia’s nephew Dan texted Saskia telling her that he and his wife were taking an on line course from Bethel church. They were wondering if we’d be interested in learning more about it.

The third coincidence came on Thursday February 11th.  Bill got an email from his old high school friend, Joy. She said that she was following Natasha’s story and praying for a miracle.  She also mentioned that her eldest son, Curtis, was recently ordained at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

By this time, Saskia was thinking, “OK, this is weird. Three times I am getting unrelated nudges to Bethel Church in Redding California.” Doing her due diligence she began researching and learning.

She ordered Bill Johnson’s latest book, listening with all her heart with a renewed openness to any nudging guidance from God. 

We know Natasha is in God’s hand and we are trusting Him, and we are asking God to hear our prayers to heal her fully. Saskia’s prayer is for Bill, Liam, Natasha and herself is to stay open to God working in our lives "outside of the box” as we know it!

On February 15th, Saskia mention the three coincidences to Natasha, jokingly saying, “Maybe we should go for a trip to visit Bethel”. Moments later, Natasha called her back into her room and said, "Mom, God just whispered to me that you, me and Kris (Max’s mom) are supposed to go to Bethel”.  Saskia replied, “Ok. You tell Kris.” (Kris has also been struggling with health issues and could use some healing)

Natasha told Kris, who was thrilled to be included. Saskia then asked Becca if she would like to come along.  Becca quickly replied, “I’d be honoured.” 

The week of February 15th, Saskia showed Liam a video testimony of God’s healing and part way through he blurted out; "We have to bring Natasha to Redding. God wants to heal her.” He looked shocked and said to Saskia, “God just told me that”.  He later described his experience as suddenly getting tunnel vision, and feeling his heart slow right down.  He is amazed that God spoke to him so clearly.

Liam shared his experience with his friend Preston (Becca’s son) and they both agreed that they should join the trip to Redding.  They also agreed that their friend Dylan should come as well. Like most of us, Dylan has a wounded soul and could also use some healing. All three Mom’s agreed to chip in for Dylan’s flight.

In the process of coordinating travel arrangements, Becca informed Kris and Saskia that an anonymous person has paid for everyone’s flights!

A couple days ago, Bill was relating all this to his mom, Lynn.  She was taken aback and had a hard time waiting for Bill to tell the full story because she had her own Bethel story to share: Recently, a friend of hers, who has been regularly praying for Natasha, approached Lynn to say, “Lynn, I need to tell you about this Bethel church in Redding, California.”

Natasha finishes her second round of radiation tomorrow, Tuesday March 1st.  Plans are complete for the entourage to visit Bethel church in Redding, CA March 4-7.  The group includes:

Liam, Natasha and Saskia

Dylan, Max and Max’s mom Kris

Preston and his mom Becca

We believe God can fully and miraculously heal Natasha right here and now. We know God is not limited to time or place, and, we also know God works in mysterious, glorious ways. We are faithfully following his nudges. When Jesus walked this earth, many were healed through the power of God. We believe that miracles are available today. We faithfully believe God can fully heal Natasha, Kris and Dylan as well as touching Saskia, Liam, Preston and Becca!  If you agree say, “Amen!” God is always Good!