Thursday May 7...Update from Bill & Saskia

Tomorrow will be 1 week since we learned that Natasha has this horrible brain tumour. So many things have happened since. We have received support and prayers from within our community, and way beyond. We have heard of prayer groups as far away as Africa, Europe, and throughout North America.

To be clear, we are praying that God will remove this brain tumour so that Natasha's story will be a miracle of God's grace and that she will live a long and healthy life serving the Lord. 

We are having our first consult at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre this afternoon.  We expect radiation treatment to start the week of May 18th , five days per week for 31 treatments. We are exploring every option in addition to radiation treatment.

Natasha is scared, but she also has a positive outlook. She is a writer at heart and is starting to tell her story in 'Natasha's Blog' on this site ( Please continue to share our prayer requests for Natasha with your circle. God is good and almighty.

We will do our best to keep you up to date on our journey.