Friendships and Family

Hi Everyone,

Sorry there was no update Friday, i was a little too tired to write. Anyways this week i would like to talk to you you about the importance of friends and family. I bring this topic up because my dear cousin Annika had her graduation on Saturday. I cant believe shes already done high school! Even though it was tiring everyone had a great time! All the girls were in gorgeous dresses and looked as if they were princesses. The food was good, we had a buffet style dinner (which was awesome!!!) and there were fireworks and a dance. My favourite part however, was the photo booth! It was free so i had a lot of fun, I got at 9 photo strips with my friends and family. Oh yeah, there were props too! Nothing is better then throwing on a funky hat with silly glasses to take a photo with your friends.


My Dad, Mom and Brother... I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH


TONS OF FUN with my cousin Anika and her friends


Silly pictures with my cousin Chelsea


Left Picture: Back row...Anika, Liam, Auntie Anita  Front row...Me, Chelsea, Jada

Anyways, lets talk about why its important to spend time with your friends and families. When your with the people who care about you its easy to have a good time. I know for a fact its a lot more fun to sit and do nothing with your best friend then by yourself. When your with the caring, loving people who you are closest to, any old thing can have meaning.  Its this sentimental value called love. With this value ANY thing can mean a lot more. Even just eye contact can make you laugh. This is so important to having good times. Human interactions with our closest friends and family is healthy to our souls.  Without these good times our lives could be dull. I mean could you imagine a world with no excitement.

Close your eyes and imagine a place were there was no laughing, no good times no nothing...just plain, boring and grey. Now open up your eyes and tell me why we can live without good times. You cant right? This is why it is important to feed our souls. We need to have fun! Human beings are the only creature on this earth with the ability to lose focus of whats really important. We work so hard every day and then on Friday go home and sleep. We need to focus more on our interactions. We need to get out, have fun and, be ourselves. We can do this by spending time with our closest friends and family. When were with them, good times are had and memories are made. Its  really important to surround ourselves with an environment that makes us happy. Whether this means a mall or a forest you have to enjoy your self. Even if you enjoy being by yourself, being with friends and family is healthy.

i say this because when I'm feeling alone or sad, being with my dearest friends and family help. Even when i just want to curl up and cry I always have supportive people (like my mom) who helps me get back up and smile. :-) I understand there are people out there who may not be as lucky as i am. Some people feel like they are alone. thinking of this makes me sad. i feel everyone should have a special someone who cares about them and is there for them.  

I feel like people forget that asking for help doesn't make you weaker, it makes you stronger

Well i hope you all can take this knowledge and go and have a good time.
remember, stay happy and live long :-)