Steroids and Food

Food. what a glorious word.

It is the base of a good time and can be a life ruiner all at once. Food is a substance filled with glory and taste but, can also be dull and bad for the soul. Food can create wonderful memories but, in the same evening make you wish you had never taken that first bite. Food...lets talk about that.
This blog is going to be the most random piece of writing you'll ever come across. Well this site is the most random. Im getting to the point where I'm just mean girls "word vomiting" my ideas onto this page. And right i think its a good idea to invite you to talk about the wonderful topic of food. Today were going to cover a couple things. Keep in mind that i have not entirely thought these topics through. 

So I've had to take steroids; Dexamethasone all month to keep down the swelling in my brain. As much as I know there "helping" they are beginning to piss me off. I am an 11 year old girl with the appetite of a full grown male water buffalo. I have been eating like a pig. To what used to be a small slice of pizza is now an entire half the box with maybe even a few breadsticks. I think the reason for this is that the pills make it so all my knowledge is being pushed toward fighting the tumour. So this takes away my knowledge on how to tell myself that I've had enough food. So I'm basically, in my mind at least always hungry. The worst part is that i have cravings for all sorts of food. My cousin Chelsea had craving when she was on steroids but she craved only a couple things, chicken pot pie for sobeys and after 8 chocolate mints. She was predictable.  Me on the other hand am craving foods of all sorts, i am at the point were ill look or think of a food and then suddenly need it. this is aggravating because i tend to look at treats on Pinterest but, saying as though i have to keep my weight steady i try to stay off of those photos. Anyways back to my cravings, last week i woke up at 6 in the morning and made a burger. Thats right, i had a craving for a burger so i got up and made and ate a burger. Ive never had that happen before in my life. Not only do i crave food, ill eat a whole lot more as well. We were camping this weekend and my auntie made eggs Benedict. I had 3 and a half. Plus some potatoes and bacon. Then that same day i had 2 sausages some salad and 2 bowls of mac n cheese. Then the next morning i had a big plate of fruit, a big crepe, a side of eggs and, more bacon.  Then continued to eat throughout he day. As you can see I am unstoppable. The amount of food i am consuming is insane. And it does not help that food is everywhere. I mean were at the day in age where its hard not to walk out of the shower and find some sort of connection with food. whether its thinking about what you ate already or, what your planning on eating. It is impossible to stay away from the topic of food. Here i am asking you as we come to an end of topic, how do you handle cravings? I need to know if there is a way out there to not think and need. Anyone please help.

2) Healthy snacks:
I do not want to sound like a health freak on this topic but its something i feel we all need to consider. With my constant need for food, spreading Nutella on everything wont cut it. Yes it tastes good but it isn't really good for you. when I'm hungry (or my mind tells me so) i have to look through the cupboard trying to find something thats quick, easy and, healthy. when i look for something like this i have to make sure that I'm not putting in more effort then ill get a reward. In other words i don't like working too hard for a snack. the world would be so much easier if you could snap your fingers and have a good healthy meal in front of you. But, then again if that was a thing maybe the world wouldn't have an issue with weight and unhealthy food anymore. the lord decided that people would have to work for food and prizes so, because i honour the lords decisions I'm going to talk about how to make quick healthy snacks that wont necessarily make you "fat". I recently watched a video on how great mangos are for you. They are apparently the best fruit you can eat. Me being the experimenter i am, i went and made a mango strawberry smoothie. I added yogourt, frozen fruit and, fresh fruit. I also want to resist the temptation to add syrup or any other type of natural sweetener. I have not noticed a huge difference in my health but, i did not have much mango either. I will continue to update you on my experimentation with the magic fruit called mango. To find out why you should eat mango everyday go to:

I am however finding it hard to find quick, easy and, healthy mango snacks. If you find something please leave me the recipe down below. The one thing i was able to find a lot of was popsicle recipes involving mangos. A 20 minute yoga work out and a mango smoothie each day. This is going to be my gameplay.  

Ok so it wasn't a simple 3 but those were 2 topics i really wanted to talk about. I feel with the world we live in today food is a growing problem. With our needs and expectations rising its getting harder to feed our bellies. 
I hope you enjoyed todays topics. I will be sure to see you all Friday for my next entry. Love long and live happy:)

PS. I will not be doing vlogs as often as it is beginning to be too much. Im really sorry i know some people don't like to read but blogging has always been some thing i ENJOY doing. I'm so sorry once again.

-Natasha  XOXO