Saskia talks about Christmas

Our second Christmas without Natasha here on earth is quickly approaching.  In some ways, it's a little easier.  Less stinging.  In other ways, it's worse.  It's the new normal that we don't ever want to be normal: Living our lives without watching Natasha grow up to live hers.

We attend Westside King's Church ( and recently Saskia, along with two other woman, was asked to share Christmas testimonials.  All three woman have had to overcome major life challenges, learning to discover God in a new and deeper way.  Each was asked what Christmas means to them now that they've experienced their trials and tribulations.

The videos were shared with the congregation on Sunday Dec 17, 2017 and we'd like to share Saskis's with you.  It's posted on Natasha's YouTube channel.  Check out Natasha's other videos too.

May your Christmas be filled with Hope, Joy, Peace and Love - even as you experience the challenges that this world has to offer.