July 28, 2016 Natasha update

Many of you have been asking how Natasha is doing? After a few weeks of barely being able to swallow any food or liquid, this week Natasha bravely agreed to get an NG feeding tube. So far she has not pulled it out and we are able to make her liquid food to help her not feel hungry and get some nutrition into her. Natasha still has a bit of mobility with her right arm and hand, although this too is weakening. She can give us a weak thumbs up or down and she gently taps her finger twice for yes and once for no.

Natasha wrote a song in 2014 called "This Love is Magic" and with the help of some very special people Natasha's song got recorded. Sadly Natasha has now lost her voice, but her song lives on and her expression of hearing it for the first time is priceless. We could see her surprise and she was mouthing the words, what a gift, what a treasure. Stay tuned for more to come as her song goes global.