Wednesday May 20th, 2015 update form Saskia and Bill

Today Natasha starts her first radiation treatment. Natasha is feeling fairly optimistic about the process, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers today, thanks from our heart to yours.

We are asking for some help from our Calgary community. Most that hang out with us in the morning know there is usually a green smoothie blending up in our trusty vita-mix blender. Unfortunately Natasha has never warmed up to drinking green smoothies with us because she can't handle the texture. We are looking for a Juicer to experiment with. If you can recommend the best one out there and/or if someone has one that they are not regularly using we would hope to borrow it to see if it can work for Natasha. Natasha as you may have read in her last blog is on a quest to eat healthy. 

We as parents are on a quest to help her body heal from the radiation and build her up as strong as possible.

Thanks, Saskia and Bill