last day of radiation

hello every one.
it is with great pleasure i write to you that it is my last day of radiation. I would like to thank all of you who have supported me through out this journey. Also i apologize for not having blogs up lately. I have been really busy the past few weeks and i plan to get back on my weekly blogs!
Im not going to say this journey was horrible because i got to experience new things like blogging or a photo shoot! One of the things i learned from this was the prospective of a cancer kid. I have never really been connected with cancer in a special way and, now that i have that i feel it is my job to make a difference. I plan on devoting my life to tying to get more funding towards childhood cancer research. You might not know this but less than 4% of the cancer research funds go to child hood cancer research. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!! I am going to do every thing in my power to help weather its writing blogs or books or, speaking in front of crowds. i plan on using my passion of writing as a weapon against cancer and people who think the next generation don't matter. I mean if we found out why kids got cancer maybe we could prevent them of ever having cancer and then we would have healthy children and adults. I can just imagine a day where everyone had a vaccine as a child and there hole life was cancer free. I am fighting for a cancer free future, are you?
Check my youtube on Friday and there might be something a little more fun. hope you all have a great summer. 
thank you angels.