My Kitten

hi everyone,

sorry its been ten days since you last heard from me, its just been to darn busy! Not only am i taking care of a rambunctious 9 week old kitten named Mia, i am over half way through my radiation! Because you all ready know what this blog is about ill just jump right in. 

starting with my new kitten.

If you haven't seen my Instagrahm at 04_04_faith, then you probably haven't seen my many photos of Mia! Mia is a 9 week old Persian main coon cross and she is quit a bit of a hand full. Mia has a very playful and sassy character, which leads to some mischief around the house. so far she has taken great interest in making messes, such as digging up dirt from our indoor trees pot. 

As cue as a kitten may sound or look, trust me only get involved if you have time. Cleaning up poop and other gross stuff is a big part of the job so don't go into mothering a kitten if you are grossed out easily. of course if you have other methods you can do what you like I'm just telling from experiences. 

But, overall i love her to bits and i guess i don't mind her shenanigans.

Here are some photos of Mia.

Me and Mia

Me and Mia

Mia checking out the blog...

Mia checking out the blog...

Thank you all for tuning in and see you on Tuesday.

Stay happy and live long๐Ÿ˜Š

-Natasha XOXO