Hello everyone,
When we last left off I was telling you all about the shock and surprise this diagnoses was to my world. This update I want to focus on a little bit more on a positive note and/or take on this. I have have decided that it is not the end of the world, It turns out It can actually be just the beginning. I am facing a long hard journey ahead and I know it's not going to be easy. I am still confused by a lot of things but I do understand that I'm not alone. I realize I'm not the only 11 year old kid out there who has DIPG and I understand many have it much worse. I would also quickly like to apologies for my websites name. Pray for Natasha may sound selfish coming from me myself but I can assure you that I was not the one making that decision. Like I said earlier it was not me who came up with the name it was my close friends and family. I can see that you may think it sound cheeky when I ask you to pray for my needs but I don't believe asking for help is a bad thing. 

"In tough times when no doors or windows would open to the call of needing, it was the light of kindness that knocked down the walls"

Ok I know that is really deep but I feel it's something we need to touch base on. In the past I have have known people who think asking for help or being in need makes you weaker. I would like to let you all that (how ever I accept that opinion) I do not agree. If we all lived in loneliness with no interactions of love or kindness, this world would be a dark place. Our interactions as humans is the very reason we have iPads, religions, and equality. Our kindness and love towards each other helps bring us together to overcome problems in science, math of overall conflicting opinions. If Steve jobs did not have the support and encouragement of his peers I bet you I wouldn't be sitting hear writing this blog post on my iPad Air which was generously given to me by me loving family members from down in America. 
This brings me to another challenge, my family is Christian meaning we believe in the Heavenly Father and that Jesus died on a cross for our sins as a sacrificial offering to let us live in peace. This also Implies that we pray to God in times of need or challenge. I know not everyone who reads this will have the same religion or faith that we do so I understand it be would be unfair to focus only on asking you to pray. I also do not want to make this a Christian only site. I believe that living along side each other and ignoring our differences is one of the strongest things we can do. There for when I ask you to pray I will now say hope help or heal. I believe that this will help get the message across that even if you do not believe in God or a god you can still do my family the honour of helping in this time of need. I ask you to let go of our differences and find some sort of hope to help get my family through this.  

Each week I will try to give you a challenge or question for you to answer in the comments. This week I challenge you all to find the most deep and sad quote ever (you can make one up) and then work as hard as you can to give me reason to believe that it should make me happy. I'm asking you to make a sad thing a good thing. Try as hard as you can to make the best of a bad situation.

Stay strong my friends,
-Natasha xoxo
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