So........... I fell

So… I fell


Now before you guys start blowing up the comments with the “are you ok?”’s and “are you hurt?”’s, I am OK. Nothings broken no blood it barely even hurt. Here’s what happened.


 So as you guys know my tumor makes my left side weak, as a result of this i fall A LOT. (my cousin calls it checking if the floor’s ok!) So it was a normal winter morning i woke up at 6 to go pee than I watched Netflix for 5 hours until my dad told me to stop being lazy you know, the usual.


I had some new pictures from Christmas that I wanted to hang on the wall in my room.  I told my dad where to put them and the first one he did was perfect.  Then I got up on my bed to go show him where I wanted the other one.  Everything was going nicely until I lost balance and my left side gave out.


I stumbled a little then caught my balance, then as I stepped to get off the bed, I stumbled once more, skyrocketing off the bed landing on my side table.  In that process I knocked over and broke a glass of water and almost impaled myself on sticks.


Now, I know that sounds bad but I’m honestly not hurt - we are just now short one glass.


The reason I say this is I think we all need to learn to laugh at the bad things in life.  At first I was in shock and it hurt a little bit, but within 5 minutes I was ready to make fun of myself for falling.  You guys are probably thinking, “Natasha, you fell off a bed.  You didn’t take a psychology lesson.”  But that’s where you are wrong.  You can learn the biggest things from the littlest things.  In some ways you can call it having something from nothing.  We can’t be hung on the things we are angry, embarrassed or sad about because the best things in life overthrow that that.  The amount of times you smile about things outnumbers the bad things by millions.


Hey, that reminds me of a saying I know, how does it go?  Oh yah: “Stay Happy and Live Long!

I hope you all do that in 2016.

Bye my angels,

-Natasha XOXO

Natasha's whimsical willow side table (sticks) was an old doll bed Mom made:)

Natasha's whimsical willow side table (sticks) was an old doll bed Mom made:)