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Calgary hosts Canada’s first Curefest Bringing eNeRGy and Awareness for Childhood Cancer

Calgary, Alberta, September 12, 2016. An inaugural CureFest event for Childhood Cancer Awareness will be held in Calgary on September 18th, 2016 in North Glenmore Park, 11:30-2:3pm (Kingfisher Picnic site)

CureFest’s mission is to make childhood cancer research a priority by uniting the childhood cancer community, the general public, the medical community and elected leaders.

Until recently the childhood cancer community has struggled to find its voice because there are thousands of foundations and groups. These organizations have not historically worked together therefore their impact has been very diffused. CureFest aims to bring many of these groups together to form a united voice against childhood cancer.

One of CureFest’s primary goals is to connect with and educate the general public. Since CureFest is held in a public space, general public is invited to stop by and participate in the event. There are informational booths as well as food, activities and entertainment. And, an informal Bike Ride and Walk; ‘Natasha’s Bike Ride’  

Calagry’s Curefest event is organized in memory of Calgary’s own Natasha Rose Gould (2004-2016), Cancer Awareness Advocate.